Dry Ice
  • Commercial Argon. & High Pure Argon – Used as Inert Gas, Welding & Lab Application
  • Dissolved Acetylene Gas – Used for Welding, Cutting metals sometimes used as illuminant.
  • Hydrogen – Heat Treatment
  • Helium – Lightest Gas used in Gas Chromatography & metallurgical process.
  • Dry Air – It contains 79% N2, 20% O2 balance other gases mainly used for pneumatic drilling.
  • Nitrous Oxide – Laughing Gas mainly used in Anesthetic purpose & water treatment.
  • Carbon Mono Oxide – Color less, Toxic, Flammable used for food processing.
  • Liquid Nitrogen – 1890C used for cryogenic operation & shrink fitting & subzero friezing.
  • Mixture Gases
  • Special Gases
  • Ammonia Gas – Toxic Gas used for heat treatment.
  • Lazer Mixture - Used for Lazer machines
  • Gas Cylinders – We can supply all ranges of Liquid N2 Container, Steel Cylinders, and Aluminum Cylinders.
  • Fire Extinguishers – Refilling of Fire Extinguishers
  • Cylinder Accessories & Flow Meters – Cylinder Valve, Puncher Type Valve, Fire Extinguishers -Valves, Single Stage Flow Meters, Double Stage Flow Meters, FA Valve with Humidifier bottle.
  • Cylinder Testing (Hydro Pressure Testing) – We are testing Cylinders as per CCOE (Chief Controller of Explosive) norms. We are testing all type of Cylinders.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Container - 3 litres to 50 litres